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Flashback, 4x4Jam and Ganryu are coming to Dreamcast!

Publisher JoshProd to bring three new titles and two re-issues to Dreamcast

It’s always exciting to see new titles coming to the Dreamcast, whether they be brand-new titles or ports of other games and the latter is what’s coming your way, Dreamcast fans!

According to those beautiful folks over at TheDreamcastJunkyard, the French publisher, JoshProd, is bringing three titles that are totally new to the system: 4×4 Jam, an off-road racer featuring fully 3D visuals and sprawling open stages; Visco’s Neo-Geo scrolling beat ’em up Ganryu; plus Delphine’s classic 2D adventure Flashback: The Quest For Identity, which has been built from the ground up as a brand new, officially licensed Dreamcast port!

Also coming are two re-issued titles: a new PAL-boxed version of Sturmwind and a Orion’s retro-styled RPG, Zia and the Goddesses of Magic.

Tom from DCJY has also managed to get his hands on a copy of 4×4 Jam and recorded a video (above) showcasing the game in action. The game was originally released on the Sony PSP, iOS and Android devices a while back, but it is new to the Dreamcast. I think it looks pretty damn good and it’s great seeing a new racing game on the console.

Flashback: The Quest For Identity, is another one that has me excited. The game has been available to play on the Dreamcast before, but in an unofficial capacity – either through homebrew ports, or via the emulation. This new release seesĀ Flashback come to the Dreamcast as an official port, licensed by its original developer, Delphine Software.

Flashback has been re-designed from scratch for the Dreamcast, using the original source code supplied. It has brand new menu screens, visual options and controls mapped to the Dreamcast controller. It also features the full and uncut intro cinematics from the PC version, along with VMU support, including a ‘save anywhere’ function (thank god!).

DCJY spoke with JoshProd further about the releases, so be sure to check out the original post for more information.

[Source: DreamcastJunkyard]

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