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Sonic Time Twisted released after 12 years in development

Possibly one of the more ambitious Sonic fan game projects out there, Sonic Time Twisted has been released, after some 12 years in development! The game was released on April 18th – a bit of a bad day release-wise, as we (and most sites) were focused on Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap. But, we just found out and still think its very much newsworthy for anyone who hasn’t heard about Sonic Time Twisted – because it’s a pretty damn good game and worth a look.

Set at a time after Sonic has destroyed the Death Egg and Robotnik is dead (a bit morbid – usually baddies are defeated and sulk away for a few years before having another genius plan for world domination, only to be beaten again by the same spikey hero). But trouble is afoot when Metal Sonic plans to steal the time stones and revive his creator.

Developed by Overbound Game Studio, the game takes ideas and elements from several classic 2D Sonic games, especially Sonic CD. From an initial look Sonic Time Twisted looks to be like many other Sonic fan games, but don’t be mistaken – the reason why I said it was ‘ambitious’ was because all the artwork in the game is said to be custom-made (i.e. brand new to the game) – though very in keeping with traditional Sonic titles. Also, other than some sound effects, the entire soundtrack has been composed specifically for the game and is also available to download for free (same as the game) from Overbound’s website.

I’ve had a very quick play on the game and from the first couple of levels (which I recorded and hope to put up a video later today), I’m very impressed. Definitely a game to keep you occupied before Sonic Mania is released!

You can download both Sonic Time Twisted and the soundtrack from Overbound Game Studio’s website, here.

Graham Cookson

I'm the European Editor of SEGA Nerds and co-founder of the original SEGA Nerds website with Chris back in 2004 or 2005 (genuinely can't remember which year it was now!). I've been a SEGA fan pretty much all my gaming life - though I am also SEGA Nerds' resident Microsoft fanboy (well, every site needs one) and since SEGA went third party, I guess it's now ok to admit that I like Nintendo and Sony too :0) I'm also the Content Manager of the big data company, Digital Contact Ltd, in the UK:

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