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Eternal Champions sequel could become a reality

Possible good news fighting game fans! It looks like Michael Latham, the creator of Eternal Champions, wants to create a new game in the franchise – if a post on the Shoryuken.com (SRK) foums is to be believed.

A user on the SRK forums by the name of ‘EternalChampions2018’ posted this, with a link to a voting page:

“Greetings FGC.

“Michael Latham the Creator of Eternal Champions wants to know from you if we should bring back a game in the vein of Eternal Champions?
We currently have the opportunity with a team of FG vets, former Sega\SNK\Namco to do a new fighter, and we personally want to hear from you if you think we should do this.

“Currently we are in the planning phase, and would be looking for community support and feedback to make the best product possible, but first do you wwant (sic) it?

“Please post your opinions, feedback, and constructive thoughts, favorite memories, etc. What would you all like to see?”

We’re still trying to work out exactly how legitimate this is, as we’re not too sure what affiliation ‘EternalChampions2018’ has with Michael Latham or the possible team looking to work on the game.

However, there probably isn’t any harm in voting for a new Eternal Champions game! I’m certainly up for seeing this franchise resurrected (even though it was one of the hardest fighting games in the 16-bit era and I freaking sucked at it).

If you’d like to vote, go here.

Or for more information, check out the SRK forum page here

[Via: Twitter]


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