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Only 5 days left to fund Tanglewood, a new Genesis/Mega Drive game

Last month, we reported on the awesome news that Tanglewood had launched on Kickstarter. Tanglewood is a brand new Genesis/Mega Drive that’s set in a fantasy world where you play as a creature named Nymn who was separated from the rest of the group. Tanglewood is scheduled to come out on Mega Drive/Genesis, Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

“Tanglewood is a loveletter to a wide variety of 2D platforming and adventure games of the ’90s, mixing fast-paced action with puzzles, tricks and traps inspired by titles like The Lion King, Another World, Flashback and Sonic the Hedgehog, mixed with more modern gameplay elements from newer titles such as LIMBO and Ori and the Blind Forest. It also takes inspiration from PlayStation platforming classics like Abe’s Oddysee and Heart of Darkness. 

The gameplay experience will vary from level to level; a toolkit of mechanics keeps the game interesting from beginning to end. Levels incorporate exploration, thought provoking puzzles, monster encounters, chase scenes, battles of the elements, as well as secret areas.”

Tanglewood only has 5 days left on its Kickstarter. It has a goal of $60,412 and currently has $45,245, so if you’d like for this awesome project to happen, you better act fast! 

You can click here to contribute!

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