Here’s a handful of new TecToy Genesis news

Last month, when TecToy unveiled its new SEGA Genesis, a lot of people were disappointed because it won’t include the rumored HDMI output. However, the commotion for a new Genesis is already yielding positive results for TecToy in Brazil.

A week after announcement, the company saw its value increase 200% in the stock market compared to the same period in the previous month.


Three-button controller

Also after many complains because of the classic three-button controller, Stefano Arnhold, CEO of TecToy, told Uol Jogos that his company is studying ways to release the six-button controller.

“Our first decision was to get the product as close to the original as possible,” he said. “What we are studying now, due to the excitement of the fans, is to launch a simpler six-button control thinking about these fighting games.”

Worldwide pre-orders

TecToy is now considering adding the Genesis six-button controller when it launches its new Genesis.

Some stores around the world are also opening up pre-orders for the new Genesis, like the Japanese store Welte that’s seeling the console for about $208.

The repercussion was so big that the creator of Sonic the Hedgehog Yuji Naka said the console is a little bit expensive on Twitter.

“In Brazil, Mega Drive is still sold, the price of 399 reais gives about 13,000 yen, which is a bit expensive, right. If they could get cheaper, it would be better.”

Expensive or not, is great to see TecToy is doing great again like in the 90’s. We hope they also think about the possibility to launch new cartridges and who knows new games. The console will cost approximately $124 (R$ 399), and it will be release in June 2017, can be pre-ordered on the official Tectoy Website.

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