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Stand alone version of 3D Power Drift announced,among other info

As we all know, the SEGA 3D Classics Collection released recently for the 3DS worldwide.  This packaging of previous SEGA 3D Classics titles added two new games,  in the form of Power Drift and Puyo Puyo Tsu/2.  Some early adopters of the 3D Classics games (myself included) wondered if the two new games would be released separately at some point,  so it didn’t feel like buying all the same games over again just to play two new titles.  It would make sense considering that most of the games added have been out for a while now.

Puyo Puyo Tsu got it’s own standard separate release from the collection a little while back,  and now it looks like Power Drift will be getting the same treatment.  Aiming for a November 2nd release,  3D Power Drift is more or less the same version we got on the collection,  but with some changes,  mostly in the added extras division.  Besides the normal arcade game in 3D with cabinet emulation,  3D Power Drift will have an exclusive “Special” mode,  where instead of the original 12 Power Drift drivers,  you have 12 drivers all from classic SEGA games,  ones that have been in the 3D Classics series before.  Adam,  Axel,  and Blaze from Streets of Rage are here,  alongside the flagman from OutRun,  Harrier from Space Harrier,  the Super Hang-On rider,  and even Joe Musashi from Shinobi III make an appearance.  Not only do the drivers change,  but so does the music!  Courses A-E now have classic SEGA music instead of the original Power Drift soundtrack,  borrowing tracks from OutRun,  Space Harrier,  Thunder Blade,  After Burner II, and Fantasy Zone,  all remixed with Power Drift’s soundboard.  This is a pretty cool extra mode that I wish was added in the US Classics collection,  hopefully we get it as an update.

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Also,  some insight was added on whether 3D Archives 3 FINAL STAGE would be making an appearance on Western shores or not.  According to Yosuke Okunari,  one of the main producers on the SEGA 3D Classics series,  SEGA of Japan only has plans to release the collection in Japan,  and nowhere else.  By the way he worded it in this Tweet,  it seems like it is SEGA of America’s decision whether this collection comes to the States or not.


All in all,  the most we can do is hope that we get these in some form in the US.  Considering the quality of titles on the 3D Archives 3,  as well as the exclusive titles,  I wouldn’t see why it wouldn’t get a release here.  As for 3D Power Drift,  I’m crossing my fingers that we get an update with Special mode for the US 3D Classics Collection.

Jayson Lamp

Resident SEGA racer expert of sorts,been playing them since OutRunners. Writer of the Forgotten Racers series,among other things. Favorite SEGA series is Hang-On,and my favorite console is the Saturn. "Welcome to our exciting circuit. Do your best,and good luck!!"-Power Drift,1988

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