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SEGA 3D Archives 3 FINAL STAGE Announced for Japan

As of late, the 3D Classics series on 3DS has become the go-to way to experience SEGA’s arcade classics and Genesis favorites on the go with perfect emulation.  Recently,  SEGA of Japan has been bundling all of them together in the SEGA 3D Fukkoku Archives,  making it easier to get all the games together instead of having multiple digital downloads.  So far,  they’ve gotten Volumes 1-2,  and a special pack combining the two.  Announced today though,  it looks like Japan is getting a third and final volume to the series,  with the missing games out of the 3D Classics series.

Known to Japan as  SEGA 3D Fukkoku Archives Volume 3 FINAL STAGE,  this will be a packaging of all the missing games left in the 3D Classics series,  including Super Hang-On, After Burner II, Bare Knuckle II, Gunstar Heroes, and Sonic the Hedgehog 2.  Also announced,  was that one extra game will be included,  one that was “decided by the fans”.  There was a survey about most wanted 3D Classics releases a while back,  and that chosen game will be released with Fukkoku Archives 3.  No word as of yet which SEGA classic it is,  but the results for four out of the top 5 have been released,  in order.

#2 Virtua Racing (1992)

#3 OutRunners  (1993)

#4 Gain Ground (1988)

#5 Wing War (1994)

The release for Fukkoku Volume 3 has been slated for December 22 in Japan. No word on a US release yet,  but I’m sure it depends on how good 3D Classics Collection sold,  which was the US version of Fukkoku Volume 2.  Personally,  I’m hoping the other two volumes get releases here,  it would be nice to have all three volumes in the US,  kind of bums me out that Virtua Racing or OutRunners won’t be getting the 3D Classics treatment, at least for now…

[via Gematsu]



Jayson Lamp

Resident SEGA racer expert of sorts,been playing them since OutRunners. Writer of the Forgotten Racers series,among other things. Favorite SEGA series is Hang-On,and my favorite console is the Saturn. "Welcome to our exciting circuit. Do your best,and good luck!!"-Power Drift,1988

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