Review: Starburst Slot

Today not many people remember Charles Fey, but the millions of people who try their luck on slot machines should be very grateful to this 19th century engineer who first invented the machines that so many find irresistible to play.

It was his introduction of the Liberty Bell machine in 1895 that created the blueprint for virtually every slots machine still in play today, even though there have been huge evolutions in all areas of the games.

For example for a long time the machines were simple mechanical “one arm bandits” – you put in your coin, pulled the handle and won or lost. But when the technology emerged to make them electromechanical machines this was the real game-changer. Not only did it allow the introduction of bonus features, holds and nudges, not to mention credits, it also meant that flashing lights and animations made the games far more visually appealing too.

Then, when online slots began to emerge, it meant another quantum leap with more reels, multiple win lines as well as even more impressive and exciting sound and visual effects. It also brought about a real revolution in the principles of game design, bringing in narrative themes and making the whole experience more like playing a video game with levels to be conquered, characters to encounter and challenges to be overcome. 

Many slots fans love this level of detail, but others hanker after a simpler style of play and this is easy to find with the 888casino Starburst game.

Some might find its back-to-basics styling a little too old school for them but it has more than enough great features to make it a great game to play.

Taking its visual styling from video games like the Candy Crush Saga and Bejeweled the reels featured brilliantly glittering gems with classic “7” and “Bar” symbols that have long been part of the typical slots iconography. With jingling, shimmering sound effects it’s very impactful despite, or maybe because of, its simplicity.

In terms of the game play, Starburst is a 5 reel, 10 pay line machine with a bet range of 10p to £100 per spin – perfect for every kind of player from the dabbler to the risk-lover.

One of its most notable features is that it’s a two-way win slot machine so winning lines count from both left to right and vice versa, creating even more ways to win in a very simple way.

The machine’s bonus feature is similarly straightforward. There are “Wilds” that appear on reels 2,3,and 4 that not only represent all other symbols but also grant you a free spin each time they appear, up to a maximum of five times. 

The  Return to Player (RTP) percentage is always a key one for any strategic slots player so you’ll be pleased to learn that on Starburst it offers a very competitive 96.1% so, with a house edge of just 3.9%,,you can look for better than average returns when you play.

So if you’re looking to recapture some of the simpler pleasures of playing slots, as well as the potential for substantial winnings, it could be time to give Starburst a spin.


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