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Here’s some direct-feed Sonic Mania gameplay footage

We were incredibly pleased at SEGA’s unveiling of Sonic Mania last night during the Sonic 25th Anniversary Party. Sonic Mania will be coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in spring 2017, and those in attendance were able to get their grubby little mitts on a playable demo.

The demo featured Green Hill Zone and Studiopolis Zone, and this direct-feed gameplay footage showcases bits of both levels. Judging from the video Green Hill Zone looks pretty faithful to the original, however, SEGA has said Sonic Mania will feature remixed levels. It did, though, show off a variant of Robotnik at the end of the level, which looked pretty cool and a bit more difficult than the version we’re all accustomed to.

Studiopolis Zone is a very interesting new zone to the Sonic series. It appears to be a location where Robotnik broadcasts his propaganda and favorite TV shows, as there are posters for “Egg TV” plastered throughout, as well as TV news vans that, when entered, transform Sonic into radio waves and blasts him to satellites placed throughout the level. Oh, the music sounds fantastic too, and fits right in with the fantastic 16-bit Sonic games.

Chris Powell

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