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Production I.G. is working on Persona 5’s cutscenes

When it comes to the Persona games, well-animated cutscenes are a must. This has been a staple of the series, ever since hitting the PS2 with Persona 3. From what it seems, these cutscenes were more or less like watching a legitimate anime series. Heck, they even made full feature anime movies of Persona 3/Persona 4. With this, of course,  the bar has been set pretty high for P5’s animation. Atlus has never steppped down from a challenge and has hired one of the best anime studios to work on Persona 5’s animation cutscenes.P6_SC01

Production I.G., the animation studio behind Ghost in the Shell,  has confirmed that they are doing work on Persona 5, as well as the opening cutscene and other cutscenes of the game.  There wasn’t really any info released on who would be working on this before, but the company themselves have confirmed this, even as far as promoting it on their own site, even though it’s all in Japanese. The concept of working on stuff for games is not a new concept for I.G., who has worked on Tales of Graces as well.


Though they are working on the anime cutscenes of the game, Production I.G. will not be working on the anime adaption of P5. That will be done be by a studio named A-1 Pictures.

Altogether, Persona 5  seems like it is going to be a damn good game.  With a studio like I.G. on the cutscene work, along with Atlus, It is a match made in heaven.

[via PersonaCentral]

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