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‘New Batman/Superman Adventures’ animator joins Shenmue III’s team

In the latest Shenmue III Kickstarter update, it was announced that Toshihiko Masada has joined the team to handle the game’s cutscene storyboarding.

Masada previously worked on The New Batman/Superman Adventures, where he earned an Emmy award in 1997, and has experience as an animation director, animation choreographer and artistic director, according to the update.

“During the storyboard process, what will be in the scenes, and how that material will be depicted is carefully thought out. Especially important here will be the depth perception of the shots to ensure proper depth cueing, and from what/whose perspective the shot will be taken,” the update read. “Another key point that will be focused on will be to bring out Shenhua’s personality, showing her charm, free-spirited nature and childlike innocence. This process is and an important one so the ideas and context of the scenes are fully conveyed to the rest of the production members.”

It was revealed in March that Shenmue III’s story was just about complete, so it makes sense that now Yu Suzuki and his team can move into the storyboarding stage.

Chris Powell

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