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Yu Suzuki says Shenmue III’s story is 95% complete

A couple of days ago, we reported on the interview that Gameblog had with Cedric Biscay where he discussed Microsoft’s offer for Shenmue III, among other things. Gameblog had recently revealed their interview with Yu Suzuki, and it was quite interesting.

According to Yu Suzuki, Shenmue III‘s story is approximately 95% complete. When asked about potential sequels, Suzuki mentioned that he would not want to go all the way to a Shenmue VI.

(Translated from French)

You’ve also been clear about the fact that Shenmue III would not conclude the complete history of the saga, but what percentage of what remains to tell will be in Shenmue III ?

The story of Shenmue in its entirety will normally divided, from beginning to end, in 11 chapters. Shenmue III correspond to chapters 5 and 6.

Even a Shenmue IV could therefore not be sufficient to conclude the saga … Ideally for you, would it be up to one fifth or even sixth episode if it continues at this pace?

No, I do not still want to go to a Shenmue VI ! Instead of going that far, I would rather rearrange things so that we can reach the end before leaving to take a few shortcuts … No I do not want to go to 6.

Five is the ideal?

I can not tell you too. And I would especially like to focus on the 3 yet!

When asked about Shenmue III‘s continuation from Shenmue II, Suzuki said that he would not want to skip chapters, but would rather have Shenmue III continue from the end of Shenmue II.

You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Via Gameblog 

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