Hi Score Girl manga is returning this July!

Square-Enix (through its manga publishing company) has announced that video game fans favorite manga, Hi Score Girl, will resume publishing in 2 months, it will be on July 15th when a new chapter will be out in Japan. The IP suffered a little due to SNK fighting legally with Square-Enix over the rights of the comics.

The comic written and drawn by manga artist, Rensuke Oshikiri,  describes the videogame life of 2 teenagers, Akira Oono and Haruo Yaguchi, and is a love letter to Arcade History, fighting games, and SEGA fans alike, we strongly recommend to do yourself a favor and start reading it.


If you still don’t get enough idea of the marvel we are talking about, here are some samples:

In more SEGA related notes, Rensuke Oshikiri, collaborated in the SEGA Hard Girls manga compilation with a Dreamcast and Flickies story, you can read it here since it has no dialog to translate:

5_1   5_2




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