A PSO2 The Animation Character Song CD is coming soon

Japanese Record label, Frontier Works, will publish a Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation Character Songs OST on July 6, 2016 for 2,800 yen (+ tax). The new CD contains new recorded songs performed by the series voice actors. You can listen to the preview above.

The setlist is the following:

  • “Prologue”
  • “The element of Courage” – Tachibana Juri (Aoi Shota)
  • “Prism Moment” – Kiyoshi Izumi Rina (Ayaka Suwa)
  • “Auditor Pride” – Aika (M · A · O )
  • “Judgment core to be drilled in the main time” – Chino Kota
  • “Longing everyday” – Konoe Mika
  • “Coquettish syndrome” – Silva (Nitta Megumi)
  • “Epilogue”

※ song order may vary

[Get the OST on Amazon Japan]


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