A new SEGA Hard Girls concert has been announced

Things have been doing pretty well in Japan for the SEGA Hard Girls, during the past 2 years SEGA has been releasing lots of merch and holding events. One of those was a concert (November 2015), which did pretty well, so this year is no exception for another.

SEGA has announced Sehagaga Live 2 will happen with 2 concert perfomances on July 3, 2016 at Batur Tokyo (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Kabukicho 2-4-10 KDX Higashi building 1F). Tickets will go on sale on May 9, and can be purchased here, in case you are on the area on that day.


Dates ● July 3, 2016 (Sunday)
1st Perfomance: Doors open 12:00 / curtain 13:00 / curtain 15:00
2nd Perfomance: Doors open 17:00 / curtain 18:00 / curtain 20:00
Venue Batur Tokyo (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Kabukicho 2-4-10 KDX Higashi building 1F)
Ticket Price 4,000 yen, and 4,500 yen on the event day.
Tickets Release Date May 9, 2016
Ticket handling Ticket Pia
  • M · A · O (Dreamcast)
  • Takahashi Minami (Sega Saturn)
  • Shiori Izawa (Mega Drive)
  • Manami Tanaka (Sega Mark Ⅲ)
  • Takayama Yuko (Master System)
  • Haruna Momono (Robopitcher)
  • Yuri Yamaoka (Mega drive 2)


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