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A SEGA Hard Girls Concert was performed at Japan

A SEGA Hard Girls Concert was performed this Sunday, November 8th, 2015 at the Harajuku Astro Hall in Tokyo Japan. The concert featured the on stage song and voice acting performances of the SEGA Hard Girls voice actresses: M · A · O Ichimichi (as Dreamcast), Takahashi Minami (as Sega Saturn), Shiori Izawa (as Mega Drive), Tanaka Manami (as Sega Mark Ⅲ), Takayama Yuko (as Master System), and Momono Haruna(as Robopitcher).


Additionally, the event had a special talk for the fans starring: Yuji Naka (Sonic series co-creator, Phantasy Star series creator and also Prof. Asobin’s voice on the SHG anime series), Sugawara Sota (Hi ☆ sCoool! SeHa Girls anime director), and Sugimoto Yoshinori (Hi ☆ sCoool! SeHa Girls music composer)  as guests. Chatting about the IP’s creation and production for the anime. Yuji Naka took the chance to express how nostalgic was for him to be at SEGA since its console beginnings with the SG-1000 until its last days on the Dreamcast.


The evening event continued with the voice actresses performing a voice over session on a special app developed for the event.


As a closing act, SEGA’s legendary  Takenobu Mitsuyoshi (SEGA Sound Unit [H.] vocalist and SEGA Sound artist), joined the SEGA Hard Girls to perform a couple of songs, including “Halo-halo Nari Jans Ondo” from Roomania 203, “Blooming“, and “Young Force – SEGA Hard Girls Mix” from the Hi ☆ sCoool! SeHa Girls anime. 



The event closed with a meet & greet and merch sales.


[Pics via Famitsu, Yosuke Okunari, and Yuji Naka]


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