SEGA of Japan celebrates Dragon Force & Victory Goal 20th anniversaries with remastered OST releases

SEGA of Japan has released remastered OSTs for 2 of its SEGA Saturn games that were released today (March 29th) but in 1996 in Japan, Victory Goal ’96 (Football title) and Dragon Force (Strategy RPG title). Here are some thoughts by its music producers courtesy of SEGA’s press release:

Track setlists:


Dragon Force

1 Dragon Force opening theme “Courage”
2 Dragon Force – Main Theme –
3 La legenda “La Legenda ~ false god Madoruku ~ HoshiRyu Hasugarudo”
4 Eight warrior of HoshiRyu
5 A New History
6 Dragon Force ending theme “Future”

“Dragon Force” was the second Sega Saturn title that I was in charge of producing music.

Eight tempered warriors carrying a heavy mission, deepening ties while fighting, to finally face the great evil …. That was the advance text scenario I got at that time.
This time, this is the music selection that represents most of the world view for this epic game, it has live sound source reduction.
Its music was released on the same day as “Victory Goal ’96”, we hope you enjoy both.

Tatsuyuki Maeda, Dragon Force music producer.

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Victory Goal ’96

1 VICTORY GOAL ’96: Opening Theme “Leading to the future sky”
2 Breezy Skies ’96
4 Theme Of S-League ’96
5 VICTORY GOAL ’96: Ending Theme “Beyond the thousand nights”

“Victory Goal” was a football game that was released for the Sega Saturn 20 years ago today (March 29th, 1996), I was responsible for its music through the series, the title includes vocal music which was a 1st for the series, these are particularly impressive.
As a result, later, in a variety of projects, I was able to produce many vocal music tracks, the two songs that have been recorded in this work, are what can be called a first step. I tried to create a catchy theme song related to the exhilarating images, I was preparing its Japanese lyrics to blast the title’s name, its rad singing vocals were done with Takenobu Mitsuyoshi’s flavor which prodive a refreshing impression.
This time, I went throught the original DAT master tape from 20 years ago, and judged how music went through the game, we provided live sound source reduction. This music was released on the same day as “Dragon Force” did on the SEGA Saturn, I hope you enjoy it.

-Jun Senoue, Victory Goal music producer.

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