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Dengeki Bunko announced A Certain Magical Index x Virtual On collab!

Kadokawa’s Japanese Light Novel publisher, Dengeki Bunko, announced a very special SEGA Virtual On collab will be arriving to one of its most popular titles, A Certain Magical Index. The publisher has revelaed Kazuma Kamachi will be writing a completely new novel with original story for this collab, while Virtual On‘s mecha designer (and Gundam’s), Katoki Hajime, will provide illustrations for the book. It has not been stated when the novel will be released but it is exciting news for both Magical Index and Virtual On fans!

Virtual on is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year, while Kazuma Kamachi (Heavy Object, Magical Index, Scientific Railgun) is celebrating 12 years as a novel author.

[via Dengeki Bunko]


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