SEGA Japan will release Virtual On 20th Anniversary Merch!

SEGA Prize Japan will release Virtual On 20th Anniversary Merch for this Winter Wonfes 2016. As in every Wonfes (an event were figure, model kits, hobby, and toy manufacturers from Japan unveil their product lineups for the season), SEGA Prize will participate with a booth, so more IP merch will be available at the event such as a SEGA Hard Girls 16-Bit encyclopedia cover for books, and Snow Miku clear cases.

The Virtual On 20th Anniversary merch includes the following:

  • “Virtual On 20th Anniversary” × “Hasegawa 75th Anniversary” commemorative book: price 5,000 yen (tax included), size A4 172 pages
  • “Virtual On” 20th Anniversary T-shirt: price 2,500 yen (tax included), size M, L, XL
  • “Virtual On” 20th Anniversary Tote Bag: price 1,200 yen (tax included)
  • “Virtual On” 20th Anniversary Clear File: price 500 yen (tax included), size A4

Virtual On, is a series of video games originally created by SEGA AM3 (later called Hitmaker!) for arcades in the 90’s, later ported for Saturn with Dreamcast, PS2, and X Box 360 sequels. The game series feature mechas designed by Gundam’s legendary Katoki Hajime, fast twin stick mecha shooting combat action, and co-op. To this day the series has a loyal fanbase due to its continuous mecha model releases and love for arcade robot combat.

As for the other merch…


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