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M2’s Akira Saito passes away at 43

M2 programmer Akira Saito, who was instrumental in bringing several of SEGA’s M2-developed games to market, has passed away at 43 years old, according to a blog post on M2’s website.

It appears the cause of death is cancer, according to some posters on NeoGAF, but we haven’t been able to confirm that as of yet.

Saito played a major role in programming many of the 3D Classics on the Nintendo 3DS, but his work included bringing the Genesis, Master System and arcade Virtual Console apps to the Nintendo Wii, among many others.

Its truly a sad loss for the video game industry, and our thoughts and prayers go out to Saito’s family and friends.

Here’s the full, translated blog post:

Or the original of such should write such a thing in this place, I was very troubled.

But in on the net of time, which has been referred to as the personal computer communication, is that of Saito who was the numerous friends.

That he is now, I will consider it written because it is widely known that you are in our company.

It Akiyoshi Saito mokimoki Saito has died. That’s right it was that of a 16-afternoon at home. Last year in a battle with discovered the gun to his head, was still at most 43-year-old.

Saito-chan, we made ​​or “Dejiko Myunikeshon” or “2” in the GBA at the inner of the company.

Gem of the music group by the sound driver that worked relentlessly not say whining to GBA of the CPU,
has burned into my ears even now.

Here recently out to buy a start-up members of the 3D reissue project that it is, such as by forcibly 3D the “Space Harrier”, fairly succeeded in Misr steward eagle the heart of the old man both.

Its also still worked the 3DS of the CPU in the momentum that black companies of Nan’nosono time,

I was me firmly cemented into the world sends out based on the 3D reprint project.

According to the Koga of colleagues, which is also the old friends, it seems to have been the game spree since I was a student.

That’s right had Mitsui to experience the game to float the lunch bill.

While shooting and character action was Karakishi, Space Harrier and afterburner is like had reached the ending to curiously.

Mitsugu well, I had the crazy driving in the ear copy music, etc. on your computer you know. It declared that “‘ll be ear copy!” On the net, was the one who, such as the “Dekita!” The next day in the morning. Well, again I think I a translation more to circumstance … in the street.

His life had with the video game.

I received a favorite Sega in job hunting, Yet not recruited even think of the game exactly the developers of unrelated system system, we lower the curtain of life eventually continues continue to make the game in Emutsu.
His later years there along with the 3DS and the Sega game, dropping to hand riding size Sega of experience game loved by the high degree of perfection, the last year of Sega’s meta critic ※ the world one game publisher of Metasukoa by 3D reprint project It was pushed up to the position.

It did not come true what to be a yearning Segaman, but the push-up in the ranking first place the Sega company from the standpoint of the outside of 1 developers, has left the world. I think I would have been long-cherished ambition.

Please give playing time to time whether the person who has the his involved game.
Please give to hear if from time to time If you have a music group that he made.
You joy surely.

He says prospects and projects to participate until the next time just before, the idea that you want to try if there is time to hurry myself. In the past would be surprised even you’ve seen the problem, it was supposed to tackle this year. I also it was looking forward to come the day that you can show you to everyone in a lordly manner.

We are feelings, not losing his enthusiasm, it is the world send prepared for video games as long as the desire is the world.

Thank you for reading.

Chris Powell

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