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3 SEGA Classic Arcade DLCs will arrive to Dariusburst CS

Taito has announced today a second collaboration with SEGA will arrive to its latest entry in its classic sidescroll shooter series, Darius. Fantasy Zone, Space Harrier, and Galaxy Force II spaceship DLCs (though Harrier will be himself) will arrive to Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours for PC, PS Vita, and Portstation 4… err… I mean PS4, with a date and price yet to be announced.¬†Looking forward to this one!

The announcement was done while Taito unveiled their recent Taito classic arcade¬†pack DLCs for the game which include Metal Black, Night Striker, and RayForce. Previously SEGA’s Hiro collaborated with Zuntata for a music track included in the game. In the meantime you can watch the videos for the Taito pack DLCs:


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