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Check out the new Valkyria Azure Revolution info and screens

SEGA Games Japan has released new information for its new entry in the Valkyria Chonicles series, Valkyria Azure Revolution. A new demo (Battle 2.0) will be available on the Japanese PSN this Summer 2016. The series has new character designers, Hiroshi Kiyohara and Takayama Toshiaki (character designer for previous titles was Raita Honjou). Aside form that SGJ released information on more characters and new screenshots:

Blum Thomasson (18, Vanargand Private)

A childhood friend of Helena. A quiet boy with a kind, gentle personality. He is not very strong physically.

Helena Andersen (18, Vanargand Private)

A childhood friend of Blum. A girl doted on by her parents and raised to be super positive and super confident. She possess unbeatable strength and is very ambitious.

Brigitte Ulrich (27, Vanargand Sergeant)

A former instructor. She is serious, and a staunchly intelligent who sometimes seems cold, but is good at taking care of people. She is like another person altogether when she holds a gun.

Anti-Valkyria Unit: “Vanargand”

An elite unit formed to oppose the Rus Empire’s Valkyria. Its official name is the “Anti-Valkyria Unit,” but it is widely known as the “Vanargand.”

The unit is composed of only those suitable for Ragnite regardless of military experience. It is formed of the “Ragnite Elite” from all over the country.

Originally lacking in mineral resources and because of the recent economic blockade, the Jutland Kingdom is facing a Ragnite shortage. The scarce amount of Ragnite from within the country is collected and, with the country’s natural technological ability, used to create and deploy “Magic-Ready Weapons” (Ragnite Weapons).

As might be expected from a unit assembled to oppose the enemy Valkyria, it exhibits tremendous power against Magic Machines (tank-like vehicles) and armed forces, and is naturally the Jutland Kingdom’s Elite Unit with the strength of a thousand men.


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