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Check out the Valkyria Azure Revolution demo gameplay

SEGA Games Japan has released today its Valkyria Chronicles Remaster on PS4 in Japan, along the release came the demo for the next entry in the Valkyria Chronicles series, “Valkyria Azure Revolution“.
YouTube user, The Bilinguist, has uploaded a playthrough this demo (watch it above), and the first thing we can notice is that the game has changed drastically its system from a turn based strategy RPG, to more of a real action RPG system (like the new Final Fantasy XV, Dragon Quest Heroes, or SEGA’s own Shining Resonance). As you can see on the video by The Bilinguist, the new system has pros and cons but it also gives more action and fluent gameplay despite the combat flaws that may require a little tweaks in the upcoming months.

Valkyria: Azure Revolution will be released in winter 2016 for the PS4. If you wish to know more about Valkyria: Azure Revolution you can check the revealed information so far over here. While the PS4 Valkyria Chronicles Remaster will arrive in the Americas and Europe on the PlayStation 4 this spring.

[UPDATE] : SEGA Games Japan has also uploaded two official Valkyria Azure Revolution demo playthroughs with commentaries by its director Takeshi Ozawa, watch them below:




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