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The creator of Bubble Bobble developed a Sonic arcade game called “SEGA Sonic Bros.”

A couple of months back, we reported on a super rare popcorn/arcade machine that featured everyone’s favorite Sonic the Hedgehog. The machine was discovered by Shoutime and The Dumping Union, who later uploaded the actual game from the machine onto the internet.

According to the latest post from Shoutime, they have discovered another rare Sonic arcade game called SEGA Sonic Bros. . There is not much information about the game, other than the creator of Bubble Bobble, Fukio Mitsuji, developed this game. SEGA Sonic Bros. was developed in the early 90s but was subsequently cancelled due to unknown reasons.

SEGA Sonic Bros. included a single player mode as well as a versus mode, where you and one of your “Sonic Bros.” can play head-to-head. According to Shoutime, more information about SEGA Sonic Bros., as well as a potential downloadable version of the game, will be available “in due course.

Via Shoutime, My Nintendo News

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