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An obscure Sonic popcorn-machine game is now playable on an arcade emulator

Back in 1993, SEGA released a cute Sonic-themed popcorn vending machine that dispensed three different kinds of popcorn flavors. While the machine popped your popcorn, you were prompted to play a mini-game where Sonic made some popcorn himself.

The mini-game that you play on the vending machine has been turned into a game you can play right now via the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. ShouTime and the Dumping Union purchased a motherboard from the unit and which was then taken by the guys from MAME to bring this game back to life.

“It’s hard to really class this as ‘working’ because the mechanical side of the popcorn machine isn’t emulated,” writes David Haywood, “but the code does run so you can see how the machine would operate.”

You can check out the a video of the mini-game in action above. Have you come across this vending machine before? Sound off in the comments below!

Via Polygon

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