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SEGA unveils JAEPO 2016 Arcade lineup

SEGA Interactive Japan has unveiled its lineup for JAEPO 2016 which includes 8 arcades. JAEPO (Japan Arcade Expo) is the event were SEGA Interactive Japan unveils the new Arcades that will be in operation during the current year in that country, this year’s event will happen on February 19th and 20th.
The titles so far to be at the JAEPO SEGA Booth are: SEGA AM2‘s x Kadokawa’s KanColle Arcade (based on the web browser card game of the same name, the arcade had 3 delays until this year), the new version of MaiMai Pink, Chunithm (team MaiMai’s Air Guitar rythm Arcade), Wonderland Wars (SEGA’s popular pen touch MOBA Arcade), Star Horse 3 Season V, Shot Down King (an amazing card recognition shooter arcade which we featured here), and 2 crane machines: The medal Tower of Babel, and UFO Catcher 9. More arcade titles announcements should come as the date gets near, we’ll keep you updated in this post.

SEGA’s JAEPO booth will include a Merch stand, a Nico Nico stream during the event, and a special MaiMai x Chuinithm concert on February 20th which features: t + pazolite, Buta otomesan, Cranky & Pico, 40 MP & shano, Fukuhara Ayaka, Yamamoto Ayano, fan favorite MAO Ichimichi (SEGA Hard Girls Dreamcast’s voice), and Sakura Kaoru.

SEGA has also opened a official site for the event.


[UPDATE 18/02/2016]

SEGA AM2 has unveiled 4 new Kancolle Arcade images prior to the event.


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