New Yakuza Kiwami screens and Sub-Stories info

SEGA of Japan has released new Sub-stories info and screens for its upcoming Yakuza remake release, Ryu Ga Gotoku Kiwami. The title is coming this January 21, 2015 for pS3 & PS4 in Japan.

  • Sub Story: “Gang Busters” : An Army of 3 army jacket men called the “Gang Busters” start to hunt for Kazuma, as their mission is to get rid of the Yakuza gangs in Kamurocho.
  • Sub Story: “Assasin of Truth” : In 1995 Kazuma was charged by murder, this story revolves with him meeting 1 man he met at prison and how he deals with this in his mind.
  • Sub Story: “Runway of fighter” : As Kazuma returns to Kamurocho he finds a car model shop so he starts customizing his Tamiya type car and competing in races while finding an old friend in the process.
  • Sub Story: “Death is what a man wants” : Kazuma and Haruka find a man who is about to suicide throwing himself from a building.



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