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SEGA confirms no new Virtual On games in development

Today brings savoury news for fans of Sega’s Virtual On series, with Sega confirming that there are currently no new games in development.

Forbes has reported that a Sega insider, Mayu Koike, has confirmed that not only did Sega miss the anniversary but there are currently no new games in development.

The last game that was released currently stands at Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Marz, which was a departure from the traditional formula in that it was more of an action-adventure game than a standard mech battler.

Virtual On is still alive and well with Sega fans in Japan holding a tournament for the IP’s 20th anniversary last November.

If you have never played Virtual On, Oratorio Tangram is freely available on Xbox Live Arcade and is a great title.

Andrew Pine

Hailing from Australia, Andrew is a budding games journalist with years of experience and a hefty collection. He's a PAL collector and Sega Saturn obsessive who is aiming at collecting every PAL released Saturn game. Yes, even Deep Fear.

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