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Dumpling Design’s Dashy Crashy promises arcade fun and classic SEGA ‘blue skies’ gaming

Sounds like a bold statement (the article title) doesn’t it? But when you have a duo of developers who have previously worked on SEGA and RARE titles combining their efforts, you’re bound to come up with something special, aren’t you?

While this isn’t a SEGA developed or published title, Dashy Crashy certainly seems to take some (if not all) of its influence from the fast-paced, vibrant arcade games SEGA was known for back in the 90’s.

And one of the main guys behind Dumpling Design should be no stranger to many SEGA Nerds out there; our friend, Travis Ryan, used to work at Sumo Digital – working on awesome games such as OutRun 2 and SEGA All-Stars Racing – before heading to RARE and then starting Dumpling with fellow RARE colleague, Brent Poynton.

From the video (above) and images (below) Dashy Crashy appears to play like oh-so-many familiar endless-runner mobile titles that have come out in recent years, but with a much faster pace and a lot more going on. Plus it appears to have some form of multiplayer mode – where you can race against friends and win their cars.

Released December the 17th on iOS devices, we are told it will be available on other platforms in the future, though what platforms and when are yet to be decided (I always have my fingers crossed for some Windows Phone action!).

And we hope to get our grubby little hands on this game as soon as possible and see if it really does harken back to the classic days of colourful SEGA madness, or if it’s just another endless runner to add to your collection (fingers crossed for the former!).

[Source: Dumpling PR]


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