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A remake of Target Earth(Assault Suit Leynos) is getting released on PS4 this month in Japan

Back in 1990, Masaya/Dreamworks released a fun horizontal shooter known as Target Earth (Assault Suit Leynos). The original game consisted of eight stages and was praised for its catchy music and interesting storyline.

Dracue Software has remade the 1990 classic for the PlayStation 4, and it features brand-new graphics and gameplay. The summary of the new game can be seen below.

 It began when Earth’s outcasts returned in great warships from the darkest reaches of space.

They attacked the planet and all her galactic outposts with lightning fury.

The Earth Defense League fought for Earth’s survival with warriors outfitted in gigantic cyborg battle armor.

The battle began on Ganymede…

Assault Suit Leynos will include Arcade Mode, Classic Mode , and Challenge Mode (which features both the Arcade and Classic Mode stages).

It is currently only scheduled for a Japanese release, but hopefully will make its way to the west soon!

Via Play-Asia 

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