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UNBOXING : The November loot

Hello everyone! Once again, one of those fantastic loots full of great swag arrived at our offices. As we reported during TGS, COSPA released a lot of SEGA merch for this month, so we got our hands on most of the list. We also got a figure and a couple of games. Let’s take a look, the loot so far looks like this:


We’ll start with the SEGA pencil pouches, Sonic MD box and Red Game Gear were released this month:

As you can see, both pouches are the same size of the console and the cartridge box, but sadly you can’t fit the real ones inside due to the original’s thickness. Anyway, these look pretty rad and are made of pretty resistant materials so you can place a lot of stuff inside these:

COSPA released Space Harrier T-Shirts since the game its celebrating its 30th anniversary during December, so these are pretty rad as collector’s items:


We got our hands on the COSPAVirtua Fighter T-Shirt range as well:

The last COSPA goods in the loot are the Phantasy Star Online cap and the Mega Drive Shirts range:


We got some games for this month, starting with Blade Arcus from Shining EX, a Shining series fighting game, and man, the release version sure is packed, it comes with a lof of goodies, including: a calendar, the game, 2 soundtrack cds, and an artbook illustrated by Shining series character designer Tony Taka:

IMG_9542 IMG_9543

We also got our hands on the awaited Neptunia vs SEGA Hard Girls game, it comes with a drama CD, a Soundtrack CD, and artbook, stickers, and the game itself:


SEGA Japan released a couple of 2015 hits for a cheaper price this month, so we got Puyo Puyo Tetris for Vita:

Yes, both games are PS Vita TV compatible:

We’ll be reviewing these games and Yakuza 5 for the site, speaking of Yakuza 5, have you entered our giveaway contest yet?

Now, the last thing we got on the loot is Oono Nendoroid by GSC, from Rensuke Oshikiri’s acclaimed manga Hi Score Girl, she comes with an Arcade Cabinet (though I did not place the stickers yet). If you haven’t read the Hi Score Girl manga yet, do yourself a favor and do it, it is a story all classic arcade players must read, specially SEGA, SEGA Saturn, and SEGA AM2 fans, there is a lot of love to those in Ohshikiri’s pages. About the Nendoroid, it is the best quality and best figure of this type I had in my hands so far.



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