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Pix’n Love reveals Dreamcast prototype photo

In the mark of Dreamcast’s 17th Anniversary (the console was released this day, 1998 in Japan), French publisher Pix’n Love has revealed a Dreamcast prototype photo. The publisher is currently working on a “History of Dreamcast” book, so it’s a nice surprise SEGA of Japan is giving them source material like this to be on those pages. The publisher previously released the “History of Sonic the Hedgehog” book.

Just a few months we had the privilege of receiving our premises a mysterious box from SEGA. What it contained? Several unreleased prototypes of a console we all cherish! Today, on the occasion of its 17th anniversary in Japan, we raise part of the veil with this unique shot made by Pix’n Love! A design that should not leave you long interrogative!And the opportunity to thank SEGA for his absolute confidence before, who knows, you unveil some more soon …


[via Pixn’Love Facebook]


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