Source Files For Missing Westone Game Found

We have lamented the passing of Westone as a company, but that doesn’t mean they’re through performing minor miracles. It was revealed that founder
Ryuichi Nishizawa has the assets for a sort of “lost” Westone arcade game called Aquario. It was revealed by John Szczepaniak for his book The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers Volume 2 that the game exists as assets.

According to Nishizawa-san in an interview for the book: “right now we have enough resources to reconstruct it, without sound, and I have provided all the details to M2” – which bodes well for those interested in seeing what the game is like. From what has been provided it seems to be a Monster World like arcade game that supported three players simultaneously.

Hardcore Gaming 101 has a very interesting interview that elaborates further on Aquario, as well as Sega’s relationship with Westone and Hudson at the time.  You can also order Szczepaniak’s book from Amazon for more interesting insights into Japanese game development.

via Nintendo Life

Andrew Pine

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