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GALLERY: A SEGA Hard Girls & Hardware expo opened in Japan

As we previously reported, SEGA of Japan, prior to the SEGA Hard Girls November concert, partnered with Gamers Akihabara to have a SEGA Hard Girls & SEGA Hardware temporary Museum, the expo + event is opening with free admission for all Japanese fans from today, November 6th to November 15th, 2015. If you are in Japan you can access the store with this link on Google Maps.

The museum features SEGA Hard Girls illustrations by KEI, SEGA Hardware exposed, and lots of merch to consume, enjoy the gallery:


The merch at the event is pretty epic, includes the following:

You can also enjoy the following flyers made for the expo:

[Main expo pics via @MDBBSRemnants]


Graphic Designer and Illustrator, and of course a SEGA Nerd and Fan!

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