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PSO celebrating its 15th Anniversary with a concert in Japan

SEGA Japan will be celebrating PSO’s 15th Anniversary with a concert titled “Symapathy 2015” on November 23rd 2015 at the Pacifico Yokohama National University Hall (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan). The event will feature 3 parts, an orchestral one with Masamichi Amano as director with the sympathy Special Orchestra in charge of the musical part; a live vocal song concert with Annette Marie Cotrill, Haruko Momoi, Atsuko Enomoto, Kai Ichitaro, Aoi Shota, Emi Nitta, Satomi Sato, silicic Mari Takano, Rico Ohara, Takagi TomoRika, and SEGA long time veteran fan favorite: Takenobu Mitsuyoshi; and a closing part with a talk that includes Phantasy Star and PSO series creator Yuji Naka, veteran producer Mikichi Takao, and the series current producer Satoshi Sakai.

In case you are in Japan on that date you can get your tickets in this link starting on sale this October 17th. The price range is the following: SS class seat: 9,500 yen (tax included), S class seat: 8,500 yen (tax included), A class seat: 7,500 yen (tax included).

Phantasy Star, a RPG series that debuted in 1987 for the SEGA Mark III, created by Sonic’s co-creator Yuji Naka, has spawned more than 18 titles in over 28 years. While Phantasy Star Online debuted for the Dreamcast in the 2000 inventing the rules for online RPG gaming for consoles, this year, 2015, marks the 15th Anniversary for this series. In the case of the western fans, they have been abandoned by SEGA for several years with no PSO2 or other related title for the region in the horizon, so expect to be corporatively excluded for this celebration.

You can access the Official PSO’s 15th Anniversary “Symapathy 2015” concert site here.


The event will have the following Merch lineup available for visitors:

Rehearsals have started, Takenobu Mitsuyoshi particaped in them:



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