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Fans release translation for Revolutionary Girl Utena on the SEGA Saturn

Back in 1998, SEGA of Japan developed and released a videogame on the Saturn for Chiho Saito’s lesbic oriented manga (later turned anime), Revolutionary Girl Utena. The IP was pretty popular  in Japan, USA, Latin America, and Europe due to its anime and heavy merchandising marketing, SEGA was actually one of the show’s sponsors, they even released lots of figures.

Due to it’s heavily weird world / lesbic oriented story, we can understand why a game like this would be really hard to market in the west back in the day, so the game was never released outside Japan. Times have changed and people are more open minded now (in some places tho), so a group of fans by the nicknames of Endless, Dallbun, Ayu Ohseki, LuxLustravi, Loki, and Josh Breitbart have translated the Saturn title: Revolutionary Girl Utena: Story of the Someday Revolution, and released it in a forum.

You can download their translated version here, however you’ll have to register in their forum to do so. Their release includes the following:

  • 100% of script texts.
  • The most visible parts of the GUI in regular game usage. (main menu, load/save menu, errors related with loading/saving, disc change instructions and nobility screen)

However the following is still pending on their version:

  • Videos. Except for the introduction of Ohtori Academy near the beginning of the game, the rest of the videos don’t have much audio anyway, and you won’t be missing anything important.
  • Name tags of characters
  • Student handbook (this includes some information about characters, controls, etc). The main concern when translating these ones will be fitting the translation in that tiny space, and make the letters look good.

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