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Man arrested trying to pawn SEGA Genesis with meth inside

It’s always awesome when you buy some old retro video game, open it up and find an unexpected surprise. Usually, these come in the form of the former owner scribbling cheat codes in the note section, but every so often, you get something even more wild … like crystal meth!

At least that’s what someone would have found if not for the eagle eye employees at American Pawn in Moultrie, Georgia. On Sept. 27, Jared Fournier strolled into the pawn shop, where he pawned his SEGA Genesis.

Shortly thereafter, the employees were checking the console and found crystal meth hidden inside the cartridge slot. They immediately called the police, who tracked Fournier down and arrested him for possession of methamphetamine.

I think we’ve finally found the true meaning of “blast processing.”


[Via WALB]

Chris Powell

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