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TGS 2015 : SEGA Day 4 Stream Hightlights! So long and thanks for all the fish!

Well, it was an interesting week, but TGS 2015 must come to an end. So here’s what happened in the last day of activities:

The stream started with SEGA Hard Girls voice actresses: Takahashi Minami (Sega Saturn voice actress), who came for the 1st time on the TGS stream, Shiori Izawa (Mega Drive voice actress), and Haruna Momono (Robopitcher voice actress) showcasing the exclusive merch at the event, even Minami took a moment to have fun and throw some cookies at the audience. The Stream ended with them announcing the Hyperdimension Neptunia vs SEGA Hard Girls PS Vita game release date, Nov. 26th this year, and their upcoming November concert.



For the Odin Sphere stream segment Tomomi Isomura and Kajita from Atlus invited cosplay celebrity, Nagisa, over, she came to the stage cosplayed as Gwendolyn form the game. Gameplay was shown, the visuals are notoriously improved, the game looks more beautiful than ever, even motion and combat systems are more responsive. Nagisa tried the demo after explaining different characters can be chosen. The segment ended with the hosts reminding the audience about the game’s special edition with the artbook.

After that the stream took some time to showcase MAGES.‘ new entry on the time traveling interactive story, Steins Gate 0, a prequel to the original story, could John Titor see that coming? Anyway we decided to skip that one and head straight to the Blade Arcus from Shining EX stream. Kondo Toshinobu (studio forefront director), Ishihara (publicity in charge), and Sintering (actress / talent) arrived the stage. They presented the latest gameplay PV showcasing Sonia from Shining Resonance and Mistral from Shining Hearts (as we previously reported), then introduced the extra goods that will come with the special edition of the game (named Tony’s Box in honor of Shining Series illustrator, Tony Taka), so the special edicion boxart was revealed, PS4 cover being different from the PS3 one. Another Shining character, Sakuya, was announced for the mobile Chain Chronicle collab.

The rest of the stream was them palying Blade Arcus matches.

Satoshi Sakai (Series Producer), Yuya Kimura (series director), Hiroshi Suganuma (“PSO2” EPISODE3 director), guest voice actors Haruko Momoi, Kai Ichitaro, and Atsuko Enomoto arrived on stage for the PSO2 stream. They amde a couple of announcements in the stream: new quests, Halloween costumes and events, update on balances and attacks, some collabs like Fairy Tail manga characters, SEGA’s own 7th Dragon III, Diasagea5, and Hyperdimension Netunia vs SEGA Hard Girls, Charagumin figures by Volks Inc. They talked about the PSO2 PS4 version improvements like graphics and gameplay, then showed the latest PV. They ended their news roll with the PSO 15th Anniversary Concert “Sympathy 2015” and PSO2 Cafe announcements.


For The World End Eclipse stream segment, producer Motoyama Shinji (of Valkyria Chronicles and Kunoichi fame) and Hatta Tadashi Minoru (operations director) invited over voice talents Azumi Asakura and Rei Uchida to talk over their work for the game. Both voice actresses were invited to try the demo version live for the stream.

Ryu Ga Gotoku Stream segment brought in Toshihiro Nagoshi (Series General Director), Masayoshi Yokoyama (Producer), and guest MCs to the stage. They started by saying the same things they did on the previous days, on the song the reasons why Kiwami came out, the improvements, song artist and Takeshi Kitano, you can read the report on it and the announcements here. Regarding Yakuza 6, Nagoshi told fans to rest at ease, Kazuma is still kicking and will be there. Besides that, there was not much update, just the regular weird “Bling-Bling“-esque guests that arrive on most Ryu Ga Gotoku productions or related streams. There was also the reminder of Ryu Ga Gotoku 6 demo code to be bundled with Ryu Ga Gotoku Kiwami launch editions.


The last game stream segment brought a lot of seiyuus (voice actresses) for SEGA Rhythm titles: Project Diva X and anime based Miracle Girls Festival. The stream was hosted by the Mikakunin de Shinkoukei anime voice actresses, they introduced SEGA’s PS Vita, Miracle Girls Festival, explaining to them the game is a new anime girls crossover Rhythm game, so they showed the audience the game’s demo using the characters they give voices to. The audience was very hyped while this was happening and even singing the anime intros. The game uses the same rhythm engine as the Project Diva series, so the gameplay mechanics are almost the same. The 3 voice actresses performed live the closing song from the Mikakunin de Shinkoukei anime, so the crowd went wild with them. It was brilliant from the SEGA people to connect those anime fans with them in that way.

Now, for the Project Diva X segment, SEGA brought on stage the original voice of Hatsune Miku herself, Saki Fujita. She participated in a live quiz on stage answering all kinds of Miku and Project Diva trivia.

After that, the previous seiyuus came to stage for a Project Diva game rhythm challenge match, Fujita won a prize for the trivia.


The segment ended with the Mikakunin de Shinkoukei anime Main Opening performance.

One last thing? Sure: Hatsune Miku Live perfomance at the end!

mk_3 mk2 mk_1

The the time to wrap things up came by, SEGA gave quite amazing streams, TGS was quite an event for the SEGA fans!!



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