UNBOXING: Selvaria Bles figure by Vertex

Selvaria Bles is by far the most popular character from SEGA‘s RPG game, Valkyria Chronicles (available as PC port on Steam! Do yourself a favor and get it in case you still have not played it yet!), so it’s no wonder she gets figure releases constantly. Artist Raita Honjou made such a fine job while designing her for the game, he also did the illustration in which the figure for this Unboxing is based on!

Vertex on its Dwell line released a fine 1:7 (about 26 cms tall, so yeah, she’s pretty tall as in the game) Selvaria Bles figure on June this year (it is already sold out, but you can still snatch pre-owned ones over here). The sculpture work is nicely done, there is such detail to be appreciated (they even sculptured details on her uniform and even… well… her underwear…). As for assembly, they used 3 main structure parts with other molded parts.


Once everything is assembled and the sword accessory is placed the statue figure will look as this:



Graphic Designer and Illustrator, and of course a SEGA Nerd and Fan!

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