UNBOXING: Blade Arcus from Shining : Won Pairon figure


As you already know, SEGA Japan released last year a fighting arcade game which includes Shining series characters in its roster called Blade Arcus from Shining. Some of us got sad not being able to play it at the time, but fortunately the game is finally arriving to consoles with an EX version this November, PS3 & PS4 don’t have region lock the game so this will be a sure import (since SoA rarely cares to bring niche IPs to the west cause they don’t see no profit from these or doesn’t have any trust in most J-based IPs) on my case! You can get it with the good folks at Amiami over here on regular or special editions.


Anyway, since contemporary Shining Series have character designs illustrated by the great Tony Taka, merchandising and figures have a great appeal among fans (cause most of them are lewd girls anyway), they sell a lot and get constant releases by lots of brands, Blade Arcus is no exception. Won Pairon, a martial artist with lightning manipulation techniques who is head of the White Dragon cult Kobushi-shi temple that must stop her childhood friend, is a new character introduced in the former game. So, given Tony designs popularity, Alphamax released a Won Pairon figure on June this year, the latter, of course, is already sold out on most stores already.


So, after a brief explanation, the following unboxing is about such figure. Once freed from her blister the static figure parts are pretty simple: Main figure, base, and lightning technique effect. The figure sculpture itself is pretty accurate to its illustrated counterpart, we’re talking about a regular 1:7 scale figure (about 25 cms tall) so it’s a pretty nice size for display on a shelve.


We can add the lightning effect for menacing purposes:


Graphic Designer and Illustrator, and of course a SEGA Nerd and Fan!

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