Cinemaware releases first ‘It Came From the Desert’ screens

Cinemaware revealed its SEGA Genesis port It Came From the Desert in December last year, and since then, not much has been revealed about the game, other than the game will cost $55.

Today, the company released the first screens of the updated game, featuring a revamped menu screen and a shot from a cutscene. Cinemaware has previously said the new version will feature a new introduction sequence, new cutscenes, a new ending sequence and additional gameplay elements.

“Our developer is working now on the code to change different things,” the company wrote in a newsletter. “As promised we add more content like adding new cutscenes and more. So today we are very proud to present you the first new screenshots of ‘It Came from the Desert – The Action Game – Extended Cut.’

“The first screenshot shows you the new Menu-Screen. Maybe you remember that the original Menu only got “text”. Hope you like the details we put in,” Cinemaware wrote on its site.
“This is part of a new cutscene which will appear later in the game. We are working right now on finishing the script so our artist can create the scenes,” Cinemaware wrote.

As of yet, the game is still not available to pre-order, but in the newsletter, Cinemaware announced the game has a planned release date of this December. The company successfully kickstarted Rocket Range Reloaded last year, another follow-up to one of its classic games.

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