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Good Smile, FREEing and SEGA unleash 1:8 Saturn Figure and Hard Girls Keystraps preorders!

The long wait is over! Since the last Wonfes announcements people were waiting for the Nendoroid Saturn (which was recently released for preorders) and 2 other Good Smile x FREEing goodies: a 1:8 SEGA Saturn Hard Girl figure in her Chain Chronicle Summer dress and the SEGA Hard Girls keystraps.

The 1:8 SEGA Saturn Hard Girl figure in her Chain Chronicle Summer Dress, now called “This is COOL” Skeleton Sega Saturn! (making a This is Cool x This Skull pun in the title, plus a reference to the transparent console version from the same “This is Cool” campaign) will be released the same month as the Nendo Saturn, December. The Skeleton Saturn, will have a ¥12,800 ($105), will be 20 cms tall, have gorgeous transparent details (which are hard to produce), and is sculptured by Yokoyama with FREEing production and GSC distribution. Trully a wonder! And of course, this is the 1st time all people will be able to pay for one since the 1st Saturn figure was a Wonfes exclusive only a few were able to get. Check out the following pics:

The surprise just doesn’t end there… The SEGA Hard Girls Keystraps are now available too! A pack including 10 different Hard Girls is now available from the same guys at Good Smile Company and FREEing for ¥5,400 ($45).

SEGA Hard Girls Keystraps
SEGA Hard Girls Keystraps

You can order the “This is COOL” Skeleton Sega Saturn! in the following stores:

AmiAmi (¥9,840)

HLJ (¥11,259)

Hobby Search (¥10,666)

Big Bad Toy Store ($134.90)

You can order the SEGA Hard Girls Keystraps in the following stores:

AmiAmi (¥4,200)

-HLJ (¥4,500)

Hobby Search (¥4,750)

So hurry up to get yours before they are gone! Be sure to check the Nendo Saturn preorder too!



Graphic Designer and Illustrator, and of course a SEGA Nerd and Fan!

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