Picomy Games discusses the Picon Engine

In a new blog post by the developers of Heroki, Picomy Games discusses the ups and downs of their Picon Engine. Because Picomy wants to have full control over every aspect of their games, they created this engine that allowed them to customize everything the way they wanted.

The end result allows them to achieve the best possible performance – 60 FPS on the highest settings.┬áDespite the fantastic results, Picomy Games did have its fair share of obstacles to overcome:

“For instance, we had to work with serious limitations due to limited workflows (workflows which we’ll greatly improve for future projects), but in the end – we found out that those limitations were exactly what made us more creative. We often had to think outside the box to get to a certain solution and the road to get there provided us with tons of experience.”

You can check out the details of the Picon Engine by clicking here!



Marcin Gulik

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