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Konami’s ‘Snatcher’ has been ported to the Virtual Boy

Longtime fans of Hideo Kojima’s work would consider Snatcher to be one of his best creations. Originally made for Japanese home computers before being released on the SEGA-CD and SEGA Saturn, the immersive cyberpunk thriller was universally praised for its fantastic storyline. A group of fans from the Planet Virtual Boy forums have ported Konami’s classic to the Nintendo Virtual Boy.

The group meticulously took Snatcher’s two-dimensional gameplay and and updated the visuals to make use of the Virtual Boy’s 3D functions. Presented entirely in that lovely red and black, this port of Snatcher can be downloaded in ROM form.

Keep in mind that this is merely a demo version of the game; The game will end at Alton Plaza where you meet Gillian Seed. If you have the Virtual Boy Flashboy flash cartridge, you download the ROM file and play it right on your Virtual Boy. You can click here to download the Snatcher Virtual Boy port.


Source: Retro Collect 

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