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GameStop will start buying and selling retro consoles and games

Starting April 25th, GameStop will launch a pilot sales and trade in program for all of your retro consoles and games. According to a GameStop spokesperson, the retail giant will accept “games, systems and select accessories for most ‘retro’ platforms,” going as far back as the SEGA Genesis.

The program will currently only be available in the New York City and Birmingham markets, which make up around 250 stores.  If the campaign is proven to be successful, then GameStop will bring it to the rest of its market by fall of this year.

The systems that you will be able to sell and buy include the NES, Super NES, SEGA Genesis, PlayStation, N64, and SEGA Dreamcast, increasing GameStop’s number of games that they offer by “about 5000.” A spokesperson for the company told IGN that “We will bring all of the product back through the Refurbishment Operations Center for inspection, testing and repair.” For those hoping to see these classic systems on display at your local GameStop, you will have to hold your breathe a little longer; You will only be able to buy these through their website or web-in-store system.

What do you think of the recent announcement by GameSpot? Will you be dusting off your retro consoles and selling them? Do you think the retro console initiative will be successful? Sound off in the comments below!


Source: IGN 

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