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SEGA Networks purchases independent developer Demiurge Studios

SEGA Networks, SEGA’s mobile division currently based in Japan, has acquired independent developer Demiurge Studios. CEO of SEGA Networks, Haruki Satomi, discussed the purchase in a press release today.

We’re constantly evaluating the independent mobile game space for studios that fit our vision of fun, high-quality gameplay experiences …Demiurge underscores our commitment to investing in the West and complements our current roster of US and European mobile studios, including Three Rings and Hardlight. In addition, our strategic investments in Ignited Artists and Space Ape Games solidifies our commitment to publishing quality games across the globe.

Despite the studio being under SEGA, operations within Demiurge Studios will continue normally:

Demiurge CEO and co-founder Albert Reed will remain studio head while also taking the title of vice president of product management for Sega Networks. The company will remain at its current offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and will continue operating under the Demiurge name.

Everything was not obtained during the acquisition, however:

The rights to Marvel Puzzle Quest, Demiurge’s popular match-3 puzzle game, aren’t included in Sega Networks’ acquisition of Demiurge. The engine that the game runs on, however, was part of the deal.

This purchase is good news for SEGA, after the recent downsizing of the company that was announced earlier in the month. Most likely, Demiurge Studios will be helping the company in their mobile division. It is currently not known whether the studio will be working on any console or PC games at this time.


Source: TSSZ 

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