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Download our Valentine’s cards 2015 Collection and spread the SEGA love!

Hello Everyone! It’s that time of the year again! Love is in the air! Got a special someone to share with for February 14th? Well, SEGA Nerds got you covered! Enter:


We made some special freebies, with the help of our illustrator buddies for you to download due to celebrate Valentine’s day. So how about sharing the SEGA love with your dearest along with some proper #segapickuplines involved? You can thank us at our twitter if you get lucky or get extra points with your date!

Download the following that suits you best for the occasion. If you get stuck to properly print and cut them, we left instructions at the bottom of this post. In case you don’t have Adobe Acrobat or Reader you can download it here, you will need it to open the .PDF files of each card.


Sami (twitter: @TheSmai) made this gorgeous SEGA Hard Girls card to share! Aren’t the cute? Sami does have great art! Download the card here.

SEGA Hard Girls Valentine's Card


Our Japanese friend Peco (ペコ) (twitter: @02peco_lobi) made this cute card featuring Gum from Jet Set Radio! We strongly suggest you to check his work, he has a lot of cool SEGA related artwork! Download the card here.

Jet Set Radio Gum Valentine's Card by Peco


Adam (twitter @Melee_Ninja) is always doing fantastic videogame related artwork. He even releases cool T-Shirts once in a while. Have you seen his console or Out Run related ones? Download the card here.

Fantasy Zone Valentine's Card by Melee Ninja


Our resident illustrator and designer Köpke (twitter: @kopke) is always working in his “design / fashion/ photo/ book author / collector” biz, but that doesn’t stop him to collab as a SEGA fanboy whenever he can! Download the card here.

Monster World IV Valentine's Day Card by Köpke


Our good friend Steve (twitter: @RoboticSteve) is doing a couple of comics, be sure to check to check them out, his latest has many 80’s & 90’s references you don’t wanna miss! Btw, he also collaborated on our anniversary cards! Download the card here.

Space Channel 5 Valentine's Card by Steve Gregson


Print the front page on the white card paper that fits on your printer by telling Adobe Reader to just print the 1st page on the printing menu. Files are made for tabloid format (43.18 x 27.94 cms), but don’t worry you can adjust to A3 or letter in the Adobe Acrobat printing options by clicking “Adjust“, also be sure to select “Landscape” Option so that it gets printed in the correct format. Flip your paper on the printer paper tray once the cover is done, then tell it to print the 2nd page, be sure to check the side your printer releases the paper so you don’t screw each side of the card. [You can also click on each photo to know which step is which]

Once this is done, you’ll need a ruler, a cutter, and a surface to scratch. Align the ruler using the cross marks printed on the edges of each side of the card, cut from side to side. If you have problem with cutters, you can trace a line with a pencil from point to point and use scissors too! There is some space bleed on the print so you won’t miss. Fold the paper in half using the printed dotted line as a reference on each point for it. Fill in with a pen or marker what you want to say in the card, and it’s done! [You can also click on each photo to know which step is which]

If you wish to print our previous Valentine’s card collection you can get them by clicking on this picture:

SEGA Nerds Valentine's Day Cards 2014

Don’t forget to tweet us your card pics today, here’s our twitter account. BTW, tomorrow we will be spreading the love with some of site friends like RadioSEGA, TSSZ, Sega Addicts and SSF1991, so bring your best #segapickuplines on twitter!


Graphic Designer and Illustrator, and of course a SEGA Nerd and Fan!

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