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3D After Burner II launches Jan. 15 in Europe

Image courtesy of Nintendo Life
Image courtesy of Nintendo Life

In early November, SEGA announced the next batch of 3D Classics would begin making their way to the West in the first part of the new year, beginning with After Burner II. It appears SEGA held true to its word as Yu Suzuki’s classic arcade shooter listed for a Jan. 15 release in the European 3DS eShop for £4.49 / €4.99, according to Nintendo Life.

As of this writing, the North American eShop doesn’t have an After Burner II listing, but it wouldn’t surprise us if the game was released the same day or close to it as its European counterpart.

As with the previous 3D Classics, M2 is handling the port to the 3DS and will include a bevvy of new features to give you as genuine an arcade experience in the palm of your hand as possibl. In addition to After Burner II3D Fantasy Zone 1 and II, 3D OutRun and 3D Thunder Blade will be released month by month.

We reviewed the original batch of 3D classics, and you can read them here:

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