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Next batch of SEGA 3D classics headed West

SEGA has announced today that the next batch of 3D classics will release on the 3DS in 2015, beginning with 3D After Burner II early in the year.

Afterward, there will be a new game released every month, which includes 3D Fantasy Zone 1 and II, 3D OutRun and 3D Thunder Blade. The games, which are developed by M2, feature a multitude of enhancements and features that recreate the original arcade experience, along with new modes and original musical tracks.

“These games were completely re-built to offer a robust 3D experience that offers more modern gameplay while still keeping true to the original,” said John Cheng, President and COO, SEGA of America. “These are the best versions of some of our most unforgettable games and playing them is just like sitting in an arcade machine.”

We’ve long wondered when SEGA would bring over the next batch of 3D classics, as they’ve been released and available in Japan for quite awhile now. As with the previous batch, each game will cost $5.99.

It was recently announced in Japan that there would be a 3D classics compilation that would get a physical release, but it looks like we’ll have to purchase ours from Nintendo’s eShop.

We reviewed the original batch of 3D classics, and you can read them here:

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