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Elysian Shadows Tech Demo’s

Since Elysian Shadows Kickstarter ended successfully in August; the team has been hard at work, while a full length trailer is still not available some interesting milestones have been shared with the community with the most notable ones being the fact that the PC version of the game has been Green lit for Steam.

In other news, lead graphic artist and our good friend Patryk Kowalik has shared how the lighting engine is working by demonstrating shading effects on a tree (the above video).

Next we have another teaser 02:

Ironing out our Secret of Mana-inspired item wheel for Elysian Shadows, a “Next-Gen” 2D RPG for Sega Dreamcast, OUYA, Steam, and Mobile.

A large Kickstarter update will be coming sometime this weekend, along with IGM magazines and subscriptions to our backers and access to our beta backer forums. Stay tuned!

Last but not least we have teaser 03 which gives us another taste of Connor Linning’s survival horror-esque beats.

If you weren’t sold on Elysian Shadows to begin with, these teasers do give you a solid idea of the technical framework that is being crafted for this game however those looking to learn more about the story or the characters would have to wait a little bit longer.

Elysian Shadows is scheduled for December 2015.
Stay tuned for more updates.




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